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Mini Dinosaur

Is it me or is there a Dinosaur in the sky..LOL..yes I'm bored

Still here

Not much going on here.Work,beach,more work more beach..trying to make some more friends down here is tough.Everyons seems to be in there 20's or 70's.. LOL..
Seems summer has started here 80-85 this week with some humidity not to bad though.but chance of rain in the afternoon almost every day is summer weather.But we really need the rain.
Took some pics last week .
This one looks pretty against the blue sky

Clear blue water

Nice sunset


It's been windy lately,but warm & sunny.this umbrella interverred right after I shot this.And a big open tent took off down the beach alittle while later..Stupid people.
Today is my Friday..and I won't be going back to work till Sunday 😎😎
Getting my Taxes done is in order & some much needed R&R..aaaa living the life..

Hmm can't seem to upload a video on this here's just a photo..


Sad Day For Us Trekies

Beach Erosion

In the winter time we get some cold fronts come through.With that we get high winds & High tides.And beach erosion.
This year was the worse I've ever seen.
In the pics here these stairs we're build right into the dunes so you weren't able to walk under the stairs.This is like 25-30' of beach gone 😢😰

Pics Collapse )

Happy New Year !!

Hope you all have a happy & Healthy New Year
Snuck in a panaramic pic,first one I took came out pretty cool I think

Famliy Pics

As I mention in a previous post my sis & her husband have been visting.and maybe I have mention how I hate to have my pic taken.Well tonight we took a Selfie of the five of us & I was surprise how well it came out.Not sure if it was just the lighting or maybe I had my glasses off but I think I look really good 😎
Im the 2nd to the left by the way.

3 Day weekend

Today starts my 3day weekend Thurs-Staurday.My sis from Cali & her Husband flew in lastnight,and are stay with my other sis I who lives a few miles from here.Sally who live here is a planner & organizer.(and bossy but we won't get into that here LOL) so she has planed the weekend out for us.Today it's Snook Haven,where we take a boat ride on the inter costal waterways,watch some Bangos players also there and have sure what she has planed for the other two days but I'm sure I'll be busy.My sis will be here for a week but I only have the 3 days off.
I think we might be going to see the Mantees up north somewhere Wheres there's a Hyro eletrice plant and the Mantees come in to the water ways there in the winter to the warm water.

Anybody had trouble posting the page kept on reloading about 4 times as I was typing this & a box would come up saying Do you want to say this draft...weird LJ



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